Unwanted Dog Behavior

How Do You End Your Dog’s Unwanted Behavior?

Dogs Behaving Badly - Pawsitive Steps Dog TrainingDogs are a lot like humans in the fact that no matter how “good” we/they are, there will be times when we misbehave and do something wrong. Here is where the similarity ends…we can change our own unwanted behaviors, but our dogs won’t know or be able to change theirs without our help.

Given the fact that our dogs want to please us, helping them change unwanted behaviors should be easy – right? Yes, with the right help!.

Dog Behaviors That Annoy Us

Whether you are a new or “seasoned” dog owner, if and when your dog misbehaves, it’s very important to understand that there is often a reason behind the action. Once you understand what your dog’s possible motive is, you have a better chance of helping him/her make positive changes.

  • Barking: Excessive barking is an extremely common unwanted behavior, it’s noisy, irritating and usually unnecessary. Why do they bark?
    • To get your attention
    • To warn you
    • Because they’re bored
    • Because of anxiety
    • Their feeling playful
    • Because there are other dogs around
  • Chewing: When dogs chew…things can be destroyed. Why do they chew?
    • Puppies, like children chew to eliminate the pain of new teeth coming in
    • Puppies are curious, and chewing on objects helps them discover their new world
    • Because they’re bored
    • Because of anxiety
  • Biting: Biting, for a dog, is an instinctive behavior that begins when they are puppies. But if a dog isn’t taught when biting isn’t appropriate, it can cause harm and your dog will be viewed as dangerous. Why do dogs bite?
    • It is a way a puppy discovers and explores
    • If they are fearful
    • If they are sick or in pain
    • Protection, either for you, property or themselves
    • Jumping Up: Although jumping up may seem playful, it can be very annoying when you have guests in your home, when your arms are full or if your dog has been out in the mud. It can also be dangerous. Why do dogs jump up?
    • It’s a natural thing for puppies who have had to jump up to reach their mother
    • Adult dogs may be asserting dominance
    • The dog is excited
  • Begging: Dogs usually only beg for food from the table, food that isn’t healthy for them, even though it smells and tastes good. Why do they beg?
    • This bad habit has typically bee encouraged by humans; when they offer food from the table to the dog…the “go ahead and beg” has been initiated.

My training techniques are unique

As a professional dog trainer, I enjoy helping dog owners work with their canine friends.

Our training techniques are based around one simple question:
What do you want and expect from your dog?

Most dogs that are bonded to a person or family will choose what we want, as long as it is clear, understandable, safe and gives your dog the opportunity to get something he or she wants.

This is opposite from “traditional obedience training” that focuses on “correcting bad behavior.”

Our methods, based on the science of what we know about how animals learn, through the findings of such experts as BF Skinner, Ivan Pavlov, Edward Lee Thorndike and David Premack, among others, get results while both you and your dog get to have fun!

“Clicker Training” and “Positive Reinforcement” training methods work because they are congruent with how dogs think.

If your dog has unwanted behaviors Check my calendar  or contact me for upcoming classes & locations. Let’s have some fun with your dog!



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