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Pet Trainer Gayle Ballinger - Pawsitive Steps Dog Training I am Gayle Ballinger, CPDT-KSA, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer in Seattle and my new puppy is Dancer, a 12 week old Golden Retriever.

I hope you enjoy being a part of the fun activities, training exercises and adventures we have!

You may read more about my biography and training philosophies as well as download free training tips on this website.

My Beginnings

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama where my first experience with a pet was with my neighbor’s pet skunk, Charlie.  Charlie was de-scented and I played with him for hours on end.

In first grade, my family moved to Seattle, where, while living with my grandparents, I learned to train the patio squirrels… with the help of my Grandpa and peanut butter sandwiches!  My favorite trick was having a particular squirrel, Bambi,  jump over a broomstick and land in a box of shredded newspaper.  Bambi, incidentally, was the first animal to ever bite me.  (I think she was just trying to get all the peanut butter off of my fingertips!)

At the end of the first grade, my Dad and I went to the King County Animal Shelter and adopted my first dog.  Sam was an 8 week old yellow Labrador Retriever.

Unfortunately, Sam had distemper and we lost him before he could grow up, but he taught me how much I loved dogs and Sam became the beginning of a long legacy of dogs in my life, most of which I am sure I will blog about at some time or another.

However, my newest love, Dancer is the story of the day! 

Training Puppy Dancer - Pawsitive Steps Dog TrainingDancer was born August 4, 2009 and came to me on Thursday, October 29th, from a family who had bought him from a breeder then decided they could not keep him.

He is a sweet, sassy, smart little guy who has decided to adopt me.  I always say that all of my dogs find me; I never go out to get a dog,  but the right one finds his or her way into my heart.

My other dog, Boomer, came in the form of a foster dog for Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue.   After just one day, I “failed” as a foster mom and adopted.

My last female, Amber,  a Samoyed-Golden Retriever mix, passed away at age 16 on August 4, 2008 and for over a year I’ve been saying that when the right dog finds me, I’ll know it.!  So, on Thursday, along comes this handsome bundle of cinnamon colored fur who has stolen my heart!

Dog Trainer Gayle - Pawsitive Steps Dog TrainingIt seems crazy, that as a professional dog trainer, it has been 16 years since I’ve owned a baby puppy.  I am enjoying it thoroughly and can really appreciate what my clients go through every day!

I hope you will check back often for updates on Dancer, Boomer and the rest of the dogs in my life!  My mission in life is to help people and their dogs live together in harmony and enjoy their lives together!

Enjoy your dogs!

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