Love What You Do

Do You Love What You Do as Much as I Do?

Gayle Ballinge Dog Trainer - Pawsitive Steps Dog TrainingI was asked the other day if I loved working with dogs and if I loved my career choice.  My immediate response was an enthusiastic “YES!”

Later that evening, I really began thinking about that question.

I am so blessed to be able to live a life where I work in a field where I can truly make a difference in someone’s life.  I may not be saving starving children in Africa or having a huge impact upon global warming or other big issues.

As a dog trainer, my opportunity is to:

  • Help a child and a dog be best friends and share fun together.
  • Help people who call with tears in their eyes because an incident occurred and their dog snarled, lunged or even bit someone and they don’t know if they will now lose their beloved pet and I can work with them and help them.
  • Work with the amazing kids at Brookside elementary, with Brooke and Therese Russell and know what an amazing difference that made in my life as well as the kids there.

I’m not saying I’m anything great and by no means am I a miracle worker nor do I presume to be. It’s not about me, I’m just lucky enough to get to meet and play with other people’s best friends, new puppies and treasured companions.

I get to see the joy of a family who recently rescued a dog and are making that dog part of their family, giving the dog a new start in life and I see the appreciation in those dog’s eyes and feel it in their hearts.

Do I train dogs or people?

And to tell the truth, it isn’t anything I do.  I just get to coach people to be able to do it themselves.

Dog Owner - Pawsitive Steps Dog TrainingAm I really a dog trainer or a people coach?  I’ve laughed and joked for years that I don’t charge to train dogs, just their people.  And I get to meet some of the most interesting, loving, wonderful people in the world!

I am truly blessed and I thank God every day, while I pray for you, your family and your pets, that I get to be a part of your lives.
Thank you for that honor and privilege!

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