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Our Training Philosophy

Our training techniques are based around one simple question:
What do you want and expect from your dog?

DogSittingWe believe that the most effective method of dog training revolves around teaching your dog what you want them to do, how to behave, how to act in their environment, and what appropriate behaviors are under given circumstances and situations.

Our classes and private sessions focus on teaching your dog (and giving them the opportunity to perform) what the “right” choice is, so that your dog can make the right decision. It is important that we, as trainers and pet guardians, remember that we need to motivate our dogs so they want to do what we want them to do.

As world-renowned animal trainer Bob Bailey is known for saying, “make them want to play our Silly Little Game.”

Remember, dogs are individuals, not robots, and they have free will; they always have the option to do what we want or what they want. Also, keep in mind that dogs view their world as either “Safe” or “Dangerous” and make choices based upon “WIFM” (What’s In It For ME?).

Thankfully, most dogs that are bonded to a person or family will choose what we want, as long as it is clear, understandable, safe and gives your dog the opportunity to get something he or she wants.

This is opposite from “traditional obedience training” that focuses on “correcting bad behavior.”

Our methods, based on the science of what we know about how animals learn, through the findings of such experts as BF Skinner, Ivan Pavlov, Edward Lee Thorndike and David Premack, among others, gets results while both you and your dog get to have fun!

“Clicker Training” and “Positive Reinforcement” training methods work because they are congruent with how dogs think.

Class & Workshop Descriptions and Directions

Services - Menu & Pricing





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Kenmore Directions

New classes are always starting in Edmonds and Kenmore. Check our calendar below. You can scroll through the months using the arrows in the header.

Services - Menu & Pricing

All classes are priced per dog and include your entire family’s attendance, please ask about our multi-dog discount. All classes run for one hour per week, for 6 consecutive weeks except as noted on the schedule.

Puppy Charm School (up to 16 weeks of age) Focuses on socialization, house training, bite inhibition, problem prevention and solutions, basic cues, beginning obedience and more!

Curriculum includes: Come, Sit, Let’s Go (walk on loose leash), Leave It plus problem prevention, solution, play time and much, much more!

Puppy Skills includes the AKC S.T.A.R. Program (14 weeks – 7 months) The perfect place to start for slightly older puppies and the next step after Puppy Charm School or any young puppy socialization class. Your dog learns manners and obedience skills plus problem solving and prevention and more. Note: in Kenmore, Puppy Skills and Life Skills classes are combined due to time restrictions. The AKC STAR program is included in the Puppy Skills curriculum. The STAR program is similar to the AKC Canine Good Citizen program, but designed for puppies under 1 year of age. NOTE: To qualify for the AKC STAR, you must provide proof of vaccinations and relationship with non-shelter veterinarian (shot records or receipt), a written or verbal exercise plan and you must attend all six weeks of classes.

Curriculum includes: Come, Sit, Let’s Go (walk on loose leash), Leave It, Down, Stay plus problem prevention, solution, play time and much, much more!

Life Skills (8 months and older) Includes AKC STAR Program for puppies under 1 year of age! Perfect for dogs young and old alike, beginners as well as dogs with some training. Curriculum focuses on basic manners and obedience skills. Great as a refresher course, Life Skills is excellent for recently adopted dogs, and includes problem solving, prevention and more. Note: in Kenmore, Puppy Skills and Life Skills classes are combined due to time restrictions.

Curriculum includes: Come, Sit, Let’s Go (walk on loose leash), Leave It, Down, Stay plus problem prevention, solution, play time and much, much more!

Life Skills Plus An intermediate to advanced class, working at your dog’s ability level, this class will challenge you and your dog while transitioning obedience skills to off-leash and out-of-sight success. Pre-requisite: Puppy Skills, Life Skills or instructor’s permission.

Scaredy Dog (all ages) for shy, timid and fearful dogs. Addresses your dogs’ personal fears in a safe, comfortable environment with owners who are going facing the same challenges. Class includes basic skills such as Let’s Go (loose leash walking), Come, Sit, Down, Stay and Leave it as well as barking, resource guarding and much, much more!

Reactive Rover (all ages) Does your dog bark, lunge, snarl, whine, growl or just “go crazy” when he sees another dog on leash? Reactive Rover sets you and your dog up to succeed while you learn together, with the support of other people in the same situation, so that your dog can learn to relax in the presence of other dogs.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and C.G.C. (Canine Good Citizen) Classes

Pawsitive Steps now offers AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. Program to our Puppy Skills classes!!! We will also be adding in the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen classes and evaluations to our offerings of classes in the near future. The Puppy S.T.A.R. Program is designed to be similar to the CGC, but geared for puppies to promote Socialization, Training, Activity and Responsibility. Don’t miss out on this great reward for training your puppy! Want more info? Visit

Not sure what class is right for you and your dog?

If you have any questions at any time, please give us a ring at 206-799-0521.

Class size is limited so that each dog/handler team receives personal attention and time.

To register for class, you may register online or by mail using the links above. This will guarantee your place in class.

Last minute and same-day registrations are accepted if there is room in the class.  Please call (206) 799-0521 or simply arrive to the class 10 minutes prior to start time to see if we can accommodate you.

Payment and Refund Policy: Payment is due prior to the start of training. Group classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Private consultations and training sessions are due at the time of service. All training packages (multiple training sessions and day training services) must be paid in advance and used up within one year of purchase. No refunds will be given for unused training sessions. Sessions are not transferable to another party. Payment for group classes are non-refundable within seven (7) days prior to the commencement of class, however you may transfer to another class within one year by notifying us prior to the start of class. Dogs deemed inappropriate for group class may be removed from class at the sole discretion of Instructor and will be given a single one-hour private session in lieu of group class.

The first night of class will be very chaotic. This is very normal. Please do your best to relax and know that each week the dogs do calm down – they’re just excited to be in school and reminding us of why they are. You will need to bring an obscene amount (2-3 cups) of small, pea size, soft delectable treats (cheese, boiled chicken, Natural Balance Dog Food Roll, etc.) and reward your dog for every moment of good behavior they offer you.

Dogs attend all classes, but owners may leave their dog at home on the first night (orientation) of class, if you feel your dog will prevent you from focusing on the materials.

Is your dog ready for class? If you aren’t sure your dog is ready for a group class, or you’ve been turned away from another school, please call us!!! We’d be happy to discuss with you all your options and answer your questions. A phone interview or private home consultation may be arranged if you think your dog isn’t ready for school yet. Rarely have we turned down or encountered a dog who was not ready for group classes, especially after applying behavior modification at home. Also, our small class size is beneficial for dogs who react out of fear; if your dog’s reactivity or fear is excessive then please call about our Scaredy Dog and Reactive Rover classes. We are always happy to start a new series when several dogs are ready to sign up!

Equipment Required: Dogs must arrive to class on leash. Retractable (“Flexi”) leashes and chain leashes are not allowed. The type of collar your dog will need depends upon you and your dog; choke chains (including Illusion collars), prong collars (metal, rubber or plastic) and electric collars are not permitted. We recommend Dolans’ Dog Doodad’s Wonder Walkers for most dogs and will have them available at class along with Gentle Leader and Snoot Loop head halters. We will be happy to assist you in fitting your dog in the correct collar or equipment and are glad to discuss with you why we do not allow pinch collars or choke chains in class.

In case of inclement weather please call 206-799-0521 to see if class is cancelled due to unsafe road conditions. Messages will be posted as early as possible and at least 2 hours in advance of class. In case of cancellation, class will resume the following week where it left off.

Holidays – Classes are not held on or near major holidays (New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and reminders are made during class the previous week. There is no class the week between Christmas and New Years. Other closures are made by announcement and email.

Shots and Health All dogs in Life Skills are required to have standard DHLPP immunizations, a fecal exam and wellness check. Dogs over six (6) months are required to have current Rabies vaccination. Puppies will be in various stages of immunization as they may be as young as 7 weeks of age. All puppies must have at least one round of puppy shots, a clear fecal exam and a wellness check by a veterinarian prior to coming to class. At any time, if your dog or puppy is ill, running a fever (at or above 103F), has diarrhea or vomiting, please do not bring him/her to class; contact your veterinarian or local animal hospital.