Exercise Your Dog

Exercise Your Dog – Go Swimming!

Exercise Your Dog - Pawsitive Steps Dog Training.pngIt is always a lot of fun and laughter when we take the dogs swimming!  We usually end up soaked even more than the dogs do!

One of the places I hold classes at, BowWow Fun Towne, a great doggie daycare in Kenmore, WA has a wonderful indoor swimming pool.  It isn’t one of the hydra-therapy pools, although those are great and do wonderful things for dogs who need therapy, this pool is just for fun.  The Northwest Dock Dogs group also practices here on the same night as my classes.  From all the excitement, wet dogs, barking and commotion going on, you just know those dogs and their people are having a blast!!

We like to go on Sundays in the morning, before the crowds get in and usually have the pool to ourselves or share it with one or two others.  Boomer is a pro in the water, but will only chase tennis balls and motorized kiddie pool toys.

Swimming is Great Exercise

This was Dancer’s second time at the pool.  He’s still learning to swim, which is pretty hysterical to watch!  Mary, the owner of BowWow, came in to say hello and helped coax Dancer into the pool.

Dog Getting Ready for Exercise - Pawsitive Steps Dog Training

Notice how timid he is, and uncertain?

Exercising Dogs - Pawsitive Steps Dog Training

If you look right in front of him, it is hard to imagine that he can splash 2 feet into the air!

Dogs Exercising in the Pool - Pawsitive Steps Dog Training

Don’t they make quite a pair?

I hope you get a chance to have fun with your dogs this weekend!  Remember, swimming is one of the best exercises for dogs…it is aerobic, non-impact, easy on the joints and FUN!

Dancer & Boomer

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