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How to Become “Your Dog’s Best Friend”

I want my dog to listen to, and obey me because he trusts me, not because he’s afraid of me. And certainly not because he’s more afraid of me than whatever else he’s afraid of” – Gayle Ballinger

dogsbestfriend-pawsitivestepsdogtrainingEveryone talks about dogs being “man’s best friend”, but your dog needs a best friend too, and that best friend should be you!

Your dog is, or can be, a wonderful companion, who will give you unconditional love, all you need to do is to build and strengthen your relationship and develop a close bond. The nice thing is, it’s not so hard, here are a few ideas that will help you become your dog’s best friend!

Building a Relationship With Your Dog…

All relationships take a little effort, even the one with your dog, but that little bit of effort will really pay off when you and your dog become companions. If possible start when your dog is young, if not, start now.

  1. knowyourdog-pawsitivestepsdogtrainingKnow who your dog is: 
    1. Understand his/her body language; what makes him happy, what he’s afraid of, what are his favorite treats, and what are his moods. This makes you the giver of everything good.
    2. Understand that even your dog needs some space, and what are the signs that he’s ready for it now.
  2. Have a well-trained dog: Nothing will ruin a relationship with your dog more than always having to correct and get after your dog for doing things you don’t want him to do…they are most likely things he doesn’t know you don’t want him to do. (My training techniques are based around one simple question:
    What do you want and expect from your dog?)

    1. A well trained dog is more pleasant to be around, not only for your family, but also for for other people he might come into contact with; no jumping up, no barking and no licking.
    2. When your dog is well-trained, it’s easier to communicate with him, you have set commands, hand or verbal signals, he understands you better.
    3. You both are less frustrated because you do understand each other.
  3. funwithdog-pawsitivestepsdogtrainingHave fun with your dog:  Nothing is a better relationship builder than playing and having fun together…spending time together.
    1. When you take your dog for a walk, enjoy it: Put your cell phone away, talk to your dog, jog for a little while, stop for a pat on the head, a treat or a drink of water.
      1. There is a couple who take turns walking their dog, and it’s so interesting to watch not only the differences in how the people treat the walk, but also how the dog reacts to each one. Both people are kind to her, but when she is walking with the “man”, it’s all serious and business, and the dog just goes along for the walk. But when she walks with the “lady”, there’s talking and playing, and you can see such a difference in the dog’s attitude and demeanor, and in their relationship.
  4. Don’t lose your temper: Even in the best of relationships, there will be times when things won’t go as smoothly as planned. The key to keeping a good relationship is to stay calm.
  5. Physically connect with your dog: Just like you, your dog needs contact. Give lots of loves, pets, pats and even brushing his coat is good contact. Not only will it strengthen your bond together, but it can alleviate any stress or frustration that may be going on in his world.

We believe that the most effective method of dog training revolves around teaching your dog what you want them to do, how to behave, how to act in their environment, and what appropriate behaviors are under given circumstances and situations. Check out our Family Friendly Training Classes.


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